Furnished Apartments

Go Anywhere in Cameroon and Stay Right At Home®

With short-term housing at fully-furnished SAPPHIRE APARTMENTS, you'll have a place to feel at "home" - even when "home" is half a world away.  Nestled in distinctive residential neighborhoods in the great Yaounde area, SAPPHIRE APARTMENT features fully furnished corporate apartments that allow you to simply pack your bag, pick up the keys and move in.  All the details, including furnishings and utilities, will be in place so you'll have the comforts and conveniences you need to be successful from the very beginning.




Ngousso, Hôpital Général

Yaoundé, Cameroon



Tel:  +237 6 96 20 05 64
Tel:  +237 6 51 33 31 32



Beautiful two-bedroom apartment fully furnished in a very safe and clean area.


Beautiful one-bedroom apartment fully furnished in a very safe and clean area.


Extended Stays of a Month or More

SAPPHIRE APARTMENTS, is your corporate and temporary housing solution for stays of a month or more.  Simply make your reservation, pick up the key and move in. It's that easy.


Temporary Furnished Apartments

From urban studios to suburban two-bedroom, we have sophisticated temporary furnished apartments in the great Yaounde area.  Each quality residential apartment is hand-picked and move-in ready within two business days.